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Projects Delivered

Feasibility Study Detailed Design, Supply of Equipment, Start-up, trial run and Top Supervision of ? Lahore Solid Waste Compost Project”, Bund Road, Lahore-Pakistan (1000, Tons per day municipal solid waste) www.lahorecompost.com

Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of Padri landfill site Solid Waste Compost Project, Lahore-Pakistan (650, Tons per day municipal solid waste) www.kissancompost.com

General Consultants to SPML Infra Ltd (India) to design, develop and operate Waste Treatment Projects in many Indian cities

Consultancy services to improve solid waste management at TMA level through private sector participation for MirpurKhas , Saddar and Gulshan –e-Iqbal Karachi-Pakistan.

Consultancy services for Pre-feasibility study on existing collection system , composting and opportunity to install a compost plant in Multan-Pakistan.

Complete feasibility study for designing, installations, and operations for a Central Incinerator to treat Hospital Waste generated in Lahore City. Also preparation of pre-feasibility study for a Hospital Waste Management Plan for 8 major cities of Punjab-Pakistan on behalf of CIDA-Inc.

Public health expertise to evaluate the current / on-going Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS) in Azad Kashmir and to design and demonstrate a revised public health model for new upcoming schemes in the area

Supervision of EIA and its public hearing for setting up Capital Compost project in Islamabad-Pakistan.

Financial Modelling and Tariff Determination for different alternate energy projects for textile/ sugar mills

Preparation/ Approval of PIN and PDD from DNA for Kissam Compost Waste Treatment Project

Survey and designing of low and high organic zones for Lahore Compost Project that is already registered with UNFCCC

Preparation/ Approval of EIA and Environmental Social Assessment (ESA) for Lahore Waste Treatment Project

Projects in hand

Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of 600 Tons per day municipal solid waste handling facility at Raj band Landfill site –Khulna –Bangladesh

Feasibility Study of 600 Tons per day municipal solid waste handling facility at Ghazilabad Landfill site Mizar Sharif – Afghanistan

General consultants for designing of a waste treatment project in Bogotá, Colombia

General consultants for composting project in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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